why is a penis called “Dick”?

Maybe it prefers “Richard.”

Have you even bothered asking??

A very strong,very beautiful,male princess.

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Best of Karasuno volleyball team~!

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Free!boys in their casual clothes _(:з」∠)_ - inspired by this (x)

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I got a parking ticket earlier this week and I’m a bit miffed, but I want to avoid pulling money from my savings to pay for it, so I’m opening bust and chibi commissions to cover the cost!!

Bust - $7 [Lined + Base Colors, Shading, One-Color Background]

Chibi - $10 (Full Body) [Lined + Base Colors, Shading, One-Color Background]

+$3 one additional character
+$2 - $4 based on character complexity (ie horns, complicated tattoos/facial markings, headgear)
+$1 - $3 misc. (ie gore/facial injuries, small background additions/details, items)
+$4 - $6 painting (only for busts, hair and/or skin painting)

The samples above have pricing explanations in the captions so please check those!

  • All works will be 6” x 6” at 400 dpi, and emailed to you as a .png file
  • I can only take PayPal! Please send payments to < >
  • Email (above) or message me with inquiries and commission info (please include reference images & other specifics ie poses, color palettes)
  • I can draw (almost) any character, both original and from tv shows, anime, cartoons, etc
  • I won’t draw mecha, furries or nsfw (animal ears/tails are acceptable though). Blood, gore, injuries and body horror are okay.
  • I take payment before I start work on your commission
  • Please expect a 5 - 7 day turn around when I get to your slot; I will contact you if the commission will take longer than this.
  • I will have 3 slots available for busts and 3 for chibis


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  1. < Open >
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  3. < Open >

You guys I highly recommend you commission my friend Nex!! Her lineart is always smooth and clean, she’s amazing with color, and her chibis are way cute! 

Honey and Clover
How long can you remember a voice?

I realized why I was lost. It’s not because I didn’t have a map… It was because I didn’t have a destination.  Takemoto Yuuta, Honey and Clover (via throughthemagicaldoor)

The Busy World of RIchard Scarry


The Busy World of RIchard Scarry

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